Health, Safety and Environment

Making it Safe for You & Me

What it means to us is the need to be responsible, attentive and caring. These are the values encouraged within the organization to ensure our people embrace and demonstrate a proactive attitude towards HSE.

At Java Offshore, we view Health Safety Environment as part of our overall organizational responsibility and as a license to operate in this business. This is a component which will define our success and long-term sustainability within the industry.

We promote a culture which drives exemplary behaviors in promoting HSE as part of our everyday lives. We have a comprehensive set of business principles and rigorous standards covering health, safety, security, the environment and social performance and take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of HSE without compromising quality. We believe in the importance to demonstrate the highest quality in our performance and business delivery that meet or exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

To ensure that HSE risks are systematically identified and mitigated, best practices are effectively implemented and monitored across the Group in adherence to the defining Policies and HSE Manual allowing the management to review and take the necessary action in ensuring that we meet our objective.

We are proud of our HSE record.

As of December 2014, we have exceeded 509 thousand man-hours without Lost Time Incidents (LTI), proving that HSE is indeed a defining part of our business.

On top of that, we have received several recognitions from our Clients for a consistent Safety Performance for the projects that we have undertaken.