To date, we have completed a number of interesting and significant projects which include: 

  • A deep water site survey utilising the Hugin 1000 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
  • Provision of vessel, personnel and equipment to conduct Geophysical and Geotechnical Site Surveys for exploration and development wells
  • Provision of Soil Investigation Services inclusive of vessel, equipment, personnel and instruments in support of offshore drilling and development activities
  • Various Scouting and Bathymetry Surveys utilizing the GAVIA Offshore Surveyor Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • Subsea Intervention works utilising a DP2 DSV Vessel with Saturation/Air Diving and ROV onboard
  • Subsea structure inspections utilising both an inspection class and work class ROV
  • Positioning Services for various applications (drilling support, construction support, etc)
  • Reporting, Interpretation, and Charing for various clients within the industry

A detailed track record demonstrating the adaptability and flexibility of our field operators and technical systems can be requested, please send your request to


Some of our key clients :