Oceanographic Survey

Java Offshore through its alliance with Blue Ocean Monitoring Pty. Ltd. offers an end-to-end oceanographic surveying service using Teledyne Webb Research (TWR) Slocum G2 gliders.

The vehicles will allow our client to get real-time oceanographic data in their operating location, especially in exclusion zone area while reducing the requirements for personnel to be at sea. The features in Slocum G2 Gliders will also provide a comprehensive data of the environmental condition including oil spill mitigation and mammal migration awareness for deployment durations of up to 9 months, dependent on sensor payload and sampling configuration.

Slocum gliders are buoyancy driven, long duration autonomous underwater vehicles capable of operating to a depth of 1000m. Gliders return collected data via satellite in near real-time and can be re-tasked remotely from our 24/7 piloting & control center.

The onboard sensor payload is modular and can be configured to suit the required application. Gliders can be rapidly mobilized to respond to incidents and do not require specialized deployment equipment, allowing for deployment from a range of vessels.

Able to operate during extreme conditions, gliders are able to achieve persistent data collection. Data is processed and quality controlled in near real-time and available through a secure client data portal.

Applications include:

  • Hydrocarbon detection for pipeline leak detection or exploration
  • Oil spill response
  • Environmental oceanographic survey
  • Gateway communication
  • Marine mammal detection