AUV photo


Java Offshore Group stands to its hallmark of “Advancing Innovative Solution” as the first contractor in the region to own a Gavia Surveyor AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). The group provides the autonomous system for deep water seabed surveys and as an alternative solution to survey in exclusion zones around existing structures, pipeline/platform inspection, construction support, scour monitoring and in nearshore areas beyond 1m water depth. AUV asian technology from java offshore


The Gavia Surveyor AUV is rated to operate between 1 to 1000m water depth. The system can be deployed rapidly and is able to acquire good quality data via a set of modular sensors including an Inertial Navigation System, Geoswath multibeam, Side scan sonar and an under-water Camera.


The support from the Teledyne team since our decision to acquire the Gavia AUV through installation and training of our team was very professional. They have instilled us with the greatest confidence to operate the Gavia Surveyor AUV and achieve our clients’ objectives using this exciting technology. AUV asian technology is one of our valuable aset